Friday, October 21, 2011

Trick or Treat (Part 2)

Halloween can not be complete without a few scary goodies.

We first have our pretty I mean ghoulish cupcakes. I started with Halloween orange buttercream and swirled it on top of one of the cupcakes. Next is the white buttercream with black crystal sugar. (I make all of the colored sugar myself to match the designs.) Next is that scary spider web, and last but not least is the mummy. Oooo! They give me chills just talking about them.

Next up in the trio of spooktacular treats are the "Jack" Cake-pops. They are hard on the outside with a sweet squishy center just like "Jack" from the "Nightmare Before Christmas". They are put together using my yellow butter cake recipe and buttercream. They are dipped in white candy coating and decorated with a edible food marker. Obviously it is time to get some new edible food markers cause of course my black is running out!! Aren't they cute I mean scary!

And last but not least are the freaky skeleton mini cakes. Now these are CUTE! I got the idea from seeing these Skeleton Gingerbread Men Cookies made by Sara from Our Best Bites!! I saw them and thought what a clever idea it was to use a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter to make skeletons. Since I said that I was NOT going to make cookies this year, I decided to make them using my Gingerbread Men mini cake pan. HaHa!! They are so adorable I mean freaky! I used buttercream to pipe on the skeletons, but you could also use Royal Icing.

This trio of wonderful tasty goodies could also go together for a very chic black and white Halloween party. ("Lightbulb!")

I hope that this year everyone has fun while gathering with the other the ghouls and boys, and that you all receive more treats than tricks. Remember to stay safe and Happy Halloween!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!!

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