Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colorado Peach Cobbler!!

Colorado peaches are a must have during the summer. Everyone waits until this juicy delight can be found in the produce department of our grocery stores. I know it's peach season when people approach me and ask if I have made a Peach Cobbler yet. Well this year the first one to ask was my father-in-law. And yes, he was the first one to get one of my home-made Peach Cobblers!!
 This year the peaches were perfectly ripe and about as big as my fist (and I don't have small hands). These ones were about a half of a pound each. Yum! They almost didn't make it to a Cobbler!!
I always remember Cobblers being made with a double crust. I make my crust a little on the thicker side!

One thing that I tend to not like about some Cobblers is that you can't tell what the fruit is, because it is entirely to sweet. When people ask for suggestions on how to make a better Cobbler, I simply say, "Make sure you can taste the fruit!" Yes, dessert is usually sweet, but when people ask for a slice of Peach Cobbler they are wanting to taste peaches and not a bowl of sugar.

Also I have had questions on how to make the top crust "fancy". One way to do this is to make a lattice type or weave design. I always role out my crust between 2 pieces of wax paper. (This way I use less flour, it does not stick to my work space and it is much quicker to clean up.) I then use a pizza cutter or pastry wheel to cut long strips of the crust. On a piece of wax paper slightly larger than the size of the top of the Cobbler, I start making my design. I first lay strips horizontally about an inch apart. I then weave a shorter strip vertically through starting at the top left hand side going over the first horizontal strip and then under the next until I have reached the bottom left corner. I then start the next strip opposite of how I started the previous. (If the first vertical weave is over the horizontal strip then the next one starts under the horizontal strip.) After I am completely done weaving the crusts strips I pick up the entire thing, wax paper on bottom, and flip it onto the top of the Cobbler and peal back the wax paper leaving the crust on the top. Another way of making a "fancy" top is to use small cookie cutters to make crust cutouts. Remember this can be used on Pies and Cobblers!

Why is my Cobbler shiney? A good tip for use on all Pies and Cobblers is to brush it with an egg wash just before it is baked in the oven. Do not let the egg wash puddle on the top of your baked good because when it is baked it will be a scrambled egg where the puddle was. Eww!

This is the recipe that I use on my baked goods including bread:
Egg Wash
1 whole egg
1 Tablespoon of water
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of sugar
Whisk all of the ingredients together until they are well mixed. Paint on a thin layer to baked good with a pastry brush.

At my house, we love deep dish Peach Cobblers slightly warm with a large scoop or two of vanilla ice cream!! How do you like your Peach Cobbler?